Friday, May 7, 2010

The Brainless Gardener

The brainless knitter is also a brainless gardener. Especially around this time of year. Here's how the yard looks like right now.

This is the formerly shady spot down by the mailbox. The ash tree is dying and the birch trees already died, so there isn't so much shade any more. This patch was where massive trucks full of dirt and septic paraphernalia drove into my yard. Talk about compacted soil! The contractor moved the spindly rhododendron out of the way and replanted it. I'm hoping my Ligularia, May Apple and Sweet Woodruff can spread back into the devastated area.

The strip along the old horse fence. If there were any horses here now they'd nibble these plants to death. The climbing hydrangea seems to have reached its "leap" phase. The bed is mulched with brand-new wood chips - can't wait until they age a bit. They're kind of jarring right now. But hey, they are free.

All the wood I hauled up from our wooded area, as well as the wood (stacked) from our Norway maple. There's nothing like hiring a guy with a chainsaw.

This is what central air conditioning looks like when it first gets into your house. It's why I'm parking outside for a week or so.

The pathetic looking vegetable garden and the especially pathetic rhubarb plants I transplanted from the raspberry patch, where they were getting overwhelmed. All there is now is a bit of lettuce, peppers, kale and Brussels sprouts. And, I think, some garlic which I planted last year but have no idea how to really grow.

This also shows how horrible the lawn is where they put in our new septic system. This is after three attempts to seed grass. Really, only the clover seed took hold. It's a good thing we're not lawn nerds.

Bode posing by the perennial bed. The ajuga is about the only thing blooming now. The orange and yellow primrose was great a few days ago.

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