Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bates College Moderne Log Cabin Afghan: Done

A mother's work is done. Last night I finished the Moderne Log Cabin afghan I started in January. Tomorrow I drop the boy off at college.

Am I crazy to put so much effort into something that's going into a boy's college dorm room? This was a true labor of love. Hopefully he'll look at it and think of mom knitting during all those episodes of The Sopranos we watched together as a family this year.

Now my tired hands can get a rest. At least I have three years before his younger brother will need a college afghan. (Or, rather, when I want to knit him one.) Unless he decides to go to school in Texas, as he threatens to do, the brat.


  1. Beautiful, and perfect! Yes, it's worth it and he'll remember.

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  3. I agree: he'll treasure it. It will also make him a chick magnet. ; ) Any female who sees this will be impressed. If he tells her his mom made it for him, she'll be fascinated by it, too. It might also serve to warn all prospective girlfriends: "Serious mom to deal with, here." That's not a bad message to send, from my own perspective as a mom.
    My college soph son (I'm taking him back today) proclaims it "cool." He also warns that it will end up on the floor sometimes, or being sat on at a picnic.