Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The World's Largest Coaster

When I need something truly brainless to knit I turn to my multicolor rug. My husband calls it the world's largest coaster. Here's Bode, the world's cutest Portuguese Water Dog posing by the work in progress.

It's made with a three-stitch strip of garter stitch, then sewed around. I slip the first stitch, knit the second, and knit into the back of the third. This makes great TV knitting because it requires no thought at all.

I'm using two kinds of cotton. Top choice is Mission Falls cotton because the colors are great. But I do use a lot of Sugar and Cream, which is way less expensive, for a few of the colors like white, black, and some of the greens and blues. And I used up a little bit of stash yarn, like the hot pink in the center.

It's going to require some major blocking when it's done because the edges are curling up. When will it be done? Who knows? I guess I'll keep going until it drives me crazy.

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