Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder

I'm getting hit with Knitting A.D.D. Allie left a comment about the Lion Brand Centerpiece Treasure afghan she made for her son when he went to college. I had to Google the name of the pattern to see what it looked like.

Just my kind of project: lots of colors and no sewing. (At least I don't think there's sewing.)

So now I'm so confused. Should I do the Moderne Log Cabin pattern(photo on the right) or the Centerpiece Treasure (photo on the left)?

Maybe I should let the college-bound boy decide.


  1. I'm kind of smitten with the Centerpiece Treasure. I love the swirly-ness of it.

  2. Tough call. The log Cabin has no sewing either, does it? I like the graphic nature of it, but the swirl has more colors, if that is going to make you happy. And you realize, don't you, that you are doing this for you as much as for him?

  3. Did you let the boy decide? I have decided I really like the log cabin.