Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bates College Afghan

It may be 90 degrees when we drop Jake off for his first year at Bates next August. But he'll still have a hand-knit afghan from mom.

I'm pretty sure I want to do the Moderne Log Cabin pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. (Yes, that's the actual pattern in the link.)

Although I'm tempted to use up stash yarn, it would come out a lot better if I bite the bullet and buy new yarn, all the same kind. KnitPicks has this Wool of the Andes yarn that is $1.99 - 2.19 a ball - a great deal AND it comes in a lot of colors.

So, to see what colors I wanted, I downloaded their color images and dragged them into template of the overall pattern I made in PhotoShop. I stretched the images to fit the rough sizes of the color blocks in the log cabin design.

Pretty cool, huh? If you squint you can sort of get the idea.

I think I really like this combo of strong colors. They also have some gorgeous heathers, but I wanted really bright and graphical colors.

What do you think? Should I go ahead and order this yarn?


  1. Is that black or gray? I think black would be good...graphic, bold. Gray might not work so well.

    anonymous for now until I figure this stuff out (not so techno literate as my sister)

  2. Neither. Maybe you're looking at the brown...? The official name of the color is chocolate, so how could I resist?

  3. I made an afghan for my son to take to college. I worked on it his entire senior year in high school... stitch by stitch... it became my transition object. then he decided to go to school in California! He took it anyway, it's a good "chick magnet". I made the Lion Brand Centerpiece Treasure using about 17 different shades of Cascade 220 in a rainbow sort of progression.

  4. Hey, just found your blog. I love those colors. Is one Hollyberry? My absolute favorite WoTA color...

  5. Yes pdknkitterati, it is Hollyberry. I'm really excited to have found KnitPicks WoTA yarn and getting started on this project.

    Thanks for visiting my new blog!

  6. Actually, I'm wrong, it's cranberry, not hollyberry.

  7. But cranberry is out of stock until March, so I ordered hollyberry after all. And I went with a lighter brown to offset the darker red. It's maple syrup instead of chocolate.